Free tick-by-tick data

@p699: Actually its not funny … but misinterpretation makes a market. Thats funny.

Check the attached snapshots - First one is TBT data and other one is 1 minute chart of HDFC.
Software is Trade tiger. Hope this brings clarity.

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Will tick by tick data be available free of cost for normal traders ?

Note : Please exclude the hardware/cloud cost.

hmm… Historical TBT is again tough to be given out via internet because of the sheer amounts of data. Maybe you will have to ask one of the professional data vendors for a solution for this.

Are you talking per year , NSE website says something like its 1 lakh per month and 20 IP can share it , Why not release it so people can pay 5k to 10k per month and access its data ?

May be one among you people can take a lead and do this internally, as a company we can buy it to use for ourselves but not resell it, against the rules.

But doing without broker requires 50 lakh deposit in alpha membership right ?

No need, you can approach data vendor, he may charge you 5 to 10k per month I believe. But broker can’t redistribute it.

hahaha do you want to close 0dha ? how will they hunt stops then!? :joy:

If you’re still looking for this data, some nice soul has uploaded tick by tick data from 1 Jan 2017 till now on Kaggle. Its really nice

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Hmm its minute by minute data, I have second by second data itself , But I was asking for 20 to 30 ticks per second data for m y HFT algo.

Hi @vishnux ,

Can you let me know how/where it’s possible to get second by second data ? My algo isn’t very accurate with realtime while backtesting with one minute OHLC candles. Any links or advice on how to get them ?