Free tick-by-tick data

As per lates SEBI board meet, free tick-by-tick data is to be made available by TM.

“Page 3of 8II.Stock Exchanges to provide Tick-by-Tick Data feed (TBT Feed) to all the trading members, free of charge, subject to trading members creating the necessary infrastructure for receiving and processing it. Stock Exchanges to increase the depth of snapshot of 5 best bid and ask quotes, in consultation with trading members.”

@VenuMadhav,@nithin - Do you have any perspectives on how soon is this to be expected and what are the countours of it ?

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@Sanket: Yes, also as I see its only to TMs. So TMs can possibly pass it free or make a paid product out of it. Hence asking what to expect. Any insights ?

Paid product seems logical but is TBT really of any use to retail traders? What good is the data if they don’t have the resources to take advantage of it?

Hi @Sanket,

What they mean by infrastructure?
If I have database would that be enough or anything else? as API has to be provided by feed provider to be consumed by us.

Not a tech expert. Will leave this one to the pros.

what is tick by tick data? is that like level 2 data?

See here @Guru_Dath

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@astuter Only if you have good fast hardware and can afford to rent co-location rack space, you can use this TBT data feed. Mostly probably you will not be allowed to export it outside, its for trading from co-location computers only.


okay, Thanks for the information.

@p6999. Your information is incorrect. TBD with colocation is faster execution. No one prevents anyone from using it differently. Also, for historical data you can use pretty reasonable hardware to test. Any modern laptop would be fine.

@abbanerjee I didnt understand what was incorrect in my comment and what corrections you are trying to make.

Why would you buy co-location space to get historical data ? Thats funny.
This Free data is for algo traders who have co-located. If you are an usual home based trader, its not available for you !

@p699: Coloation is useful for reducing latency when executing and getting feeds. TBD is also available historically that has nothing to do with colocation.

All data is available to you if you are willing to pay irrespective of where you are based as long as you have normal internet. The TBD can easily run into gigs of data.

I think your statements are illinformed and you should probably get your facts straight.

@abbanerjee This “TBT data feed free” announced recently by SEBI in its press release is for those who are buying co-location space. Buy the space and get data free !!!

Apart from this I dont understand what you are trying to tell me.

@p699: Is that so ? Where in the SEBI circular does it say that TBD is for colocated clients ? I didnt see that in the release on SEBI website.

It is a press release !!!
In that press release Free “T-B-T-D” is talked about under algo trading section only !!!

Free tick by tick data means that currently what NSE charges Rs 1lk/year for TBT data when on colocation, will be free. This makes no material impact in terms of costing as the real expense is the cost of being colocated itself. Can cost tens of lakhs.

Also TBT data feed can’t be streamed to clients, you have to be colocated to consume because of the sheer amounts of data. Whatever small benefit this has, will be only to traders/brokers who have their own setup within NSE colocation.


@nithin: Sure, but can a broker make historical TBD available to be downloaded for backtesting ? Getting histrorical data was very expensive as well. I am not talking about the feed but historical data.

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@p699: Just because its being talked about in a certains section you are making all these inferenences ? Wow …

LOL, ok carry on dude carry on !