Frequency of buying and selling shares

Hello everyone! How frequently can one buy and sell shares of the same company or other companies? For example , can I buy shares of a particular company / companies on a day and sell them after 3-4 days and again by stocks the next day of same or companies and then sell after 3,4 days?

Yes, you can do this. You can even trade in same stock multiple times on intraday basis. There is no such restriction.

Thank you

@Quicko can you.

Hey @kullah_syed

If you decide to treat your income from the sale of shares as business income then you remember to treat it as Business Income over the years. Additionally, as you are treating these gains as Business Income you can also claim a deduction on the expenses directly connected to the trading.

Sorry for the error in the earlier answer, clarifying it now: You can choose our expert assisted filing plan where our experts will take care of the treatment of capital gains, opening and closing stocks treatment as our current DIY product does not support this service. If you can drop your contact details here, our team can get in touch with you for details, process, and discounts.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: