From day data to Minute deployment Streak coding

Hello, I am a little confused as to whether we can look at the day candles for a entry scenario and code to act on the very next day 9:15 candle for a buy or sell.

(Ex: If last 3 days 14period Roc made a pattern and I want to take the trade based on these patterns but as MIS at today’s 9:15 candle and take Exit at 9:20 ) ?

It would be really great if you can help @Streak

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Yes, you can create this using the multi-timeframe function.


Thank you for the help. However, I am still not sure if multi frame would solve my query. Can you please suggest me a few lines / code for achieving the following -

  1. [Roc of yesterday (day) is above 0 and , Roc of day before yesterday (day) is equal to yesterday ] and by looking these past DAY-WISE data ; - ( I want the Algo to Enter trade “Sell” at 9:15 and get out by 9:20 on a 1minute candle today)

Can you please either code it or please explain how do I go from Past (day )data to current (Minute) wise execution using multi time frame?

  1. Is there any way by which we can take an exit after “x” number of candle from our “Entry” candle?

Thank You in advance . @Streak

You can use this condition. Set the timeframe to 1 min
Note in a strategy you need to use MTF completed and not MTF (multi-timeframe).

  1. Check this

Thank You so much!!

Great support from your end!! kudos for all your efforts to give detailed answers to every question. :star2:

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