From the margin calculator, What is the Contract price indicates in Futures?

From the Margin calculator, what is the contract price indicates? Is it a contract starting price or target price? Can we do trading base on the contract price?

If you’re talking about the price in the Equity futures margin calculator, then the price indicates the closing price of the contract as of previous trading day. The margin required in the calculator is shown as per the previous closing price. During trading hours though, the margin required might vary slightly from that shown in the calculator based on the price change of the scrip.


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I am assuming you have idea about Futures and Options, if not visit this website and read Futures trading and options theory ( they are contracts whose price is derived from the underlying stock in this scenario ACC NOV FUT is a derivative of ACC stock, price of ACC stock is called share price price of ACC NOV FUT is called contract price, if ACC goes up so does Futures, please read future trading module for in depth understanding (, yes u can do trading based on that price, its a different segment of the market called Derivatives market or commonly known as F&O (futures and options) and is traded on a segment called NFO, if ur account is activated for Futures trading this segment will be there in your market watch, if u have not activated read the attached links understand and if you want to trade call your broker and ask him to activate the segment he will ask for 6 month bank statement or salary proof (self attached, u have sign all document u submit and u shd also sign F&O form)

Thank you Sir.