From when are the Lot Size of REITs going to be reduced?

I recently read some articles that following new SEBI Guidelines

> Immediately after SEBI’s announcement, India’s first listed REIT — Embassy REIT — reduced the trading lot size to 1 unit from the current 200 units.

But when I try to buy Embassy REIT it still requires to purchase in minimum lot of 200 Units. When is the new Lot Size of 1 Unit for Embassy REIT going to be available. Also what are the revision in Lot Sizes to other REITs and InvITs and from when are they going to be applicable on the exchange. Please if anyone knows please tell.

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The exact date when the changes will come into effect aren’t known yet. Exchanges will put out a notification before the changes take effect.

For others too, the trading lot will be reduced to 1 unit.