From where and how can I get real time level II quotes for stocks on NSE?


You need to buy this from NSE directly, through their subsidary Dotex, or else speak to any of the data vendors out there and see if they can offer.

Check this link:


Thank you Nitin for your response. The tariff plan mentioned (NSE website) is a bit confusing. - the fixed and variable component of tariff plan. Please help me understand it. Could you also advise on some data vendors who offer inexpensive tariff plans.

You can actually call Dotex for this, in terms of data vendors, if you are looking for inexpensive you can try global data feeds, they also give a special deal for Zerodha clients. But you would not get level 2 data, you won’t even get a tick by tick data, if you want tick by tick you need to opt for esignal.

Thank you Nitin,
Could you help me understand what is the difference between the price moment that come up on Zerodha terminal and real time data that is provided by data vendors. I thought both are same and real difference lies in level 2 and level 3. Also, as a day trader in equity (I have just started out doing it) is it important to use level 2 and level 3 quotes

If you are just starting out, what is available on the terminal is more than enough, level 2 & 3 data is something which only high frequency trading desks use, no point paying so much for it as a retail trader. The difference between what you get on the trading platform to what you get from a data vendor is that, today our platform gives you intraday data for only 22 days, whereas most vendors will give you for a much longer period, also the charting platform is much more advanced, the one that you will buy from the data vendors like amibroker,esignal etc.

Thank you Sir,
Thank you for such good clarity. I true appreciate your quick response and effort.

In fact, zerodha shows 5 Best Ask prices and 5 best Bid prices, which is far more sufficient for retail traders. In level II you get upto 20 Best Ask and Bid prices, which is not of that much help unless you are transacting very high volumes. Hope you get it!