Full Time Investor

Whether it’s possible to be a full time trader or not is a debatable question. Some say Yes while others say No and everyone has their own arguments.
But is it possible to be a Full Time Investor?

Yes - Neha1101 is a full time investor. Saw my father doing this when everything was paper, and submit the IPO application to the bank. I used to tag along. 2007 was the time when Icici Direct came out with a online buy/sell. Transformative year and since then, buy to take delivery and sell a portion when it meets a individual target.

When you say full time - are you asking an investor should be on the screen all the time - No. It is not required. I can put a price of a stock which I want to buy and leave it. Same with sell order. They have something called VTC order - It goes fora month or so. No need to keep watching the screen etc.

No, by full time I meant you don’t have any other source of income.
And being full time, how do you manage your expenses? Unlike trader, an investor doesn’t book profits every other day. And for majority of Nifty 100 companies, dividends are like a drop in the ocean.

Understood. No then I am not a full time Investor. I use the market to park my surplus money on stocks.

Yes. Certainty so many people around the world are full time investors, it’s easy, it gives time freedom and wealth😃.

In simple words if you have corpus of 3 crore and more then invest properly and then sit back and enjoy life. And if not have corpus to start with and then when you reach that level of corpus then seat back and enjoy😃

Invest = Slow money
Trade = Fast money

that’s it

I am a full time trader since past 1.5 years. Moved towards full time trading after accumulating some capital. It does afford me a lot of time with family and the money is not bad at all :wink:
I am currently passive as an investor with decent corpus that I am constantly adding to (from my trading profits).

I know you are not interested in derivatives - I think you would like ‘valuepickr forum’ - which is a gold mine for full time investors. You will find very successful full time investors (and swing traders) there. People who look deep into balance sheets, do scuttlebutts, participate in conference calls, travel to investor meets etc. Trading related posts are not that welcome there btw.
Our Nithin used to be pretty active there few years back :wink:

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One can be. But then you need capital and the returns you generate from it should be enough to sustain you and your lifestyle for you to be one. Know that there are not many in % terms of population who engage in full time investing or trading.

I want to be full time investor some day. But my attachment towards the things I do, doesn’t let me be one. Some day I have to call it quits.

For loosing also

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Thank you for recommending this forum. I checked it and this is exactly what I was looking for in online forums. Will join it and hope to learn something from there.

You have a low churn even with trading, so in a sense you are already an investor.

And investing essentially means knowing about the business and taking a decision based w.r.t business and various other things like price movement, valuations, participants’ view, market view etc, even some technical analysis.

There are a few things that are common to trading and investing, and there are a few things that are not.

Even with investing, there are investors who churn more, actively looking for better opportunities.

I think with trading as one develops a process, one can expect a cash flow, but with investing, this may not happen, unless looking for momentum stocks.

Can lose fast money by investing too at the wrong time, wrong stock, wrong sector :slight_smile: