Fully auto trading

I agree with you…but it is very easy to do post facto analysis…for example see the current crash…for the first it was just looking like minor correction, after 20% crash experts confirmed that it is official beginning of bear market…now you can deploy bearish strategy. My point is that it is very difficult to predict whether it is bullish/bearish/sideways and if you failed in prediction your strategy will blow up. While filtering stocks in scanner you are doing post facto analysis, whether that pattern will continue in future you don’t know, you’ll keep taking loss in hope that it will work, but now that pattern has been changed. But when you will back test you will tell yourself at this point pattern changed I should have changed my strategy. Market makes many random moves how you will filter false signal from right signal. In streak webinar they show that this strategy has worked even if direction reversed but I tested it in different time frame where there was same kind of market pattern, it failed. Even same strategy will not work in two different bull market in different time. Considering all these efforts/brokerage/fees if you can beat 18 percent (good mutual fund returns in long term ) ROE consistently over years then it is worth otherwise you are wasting your time and effort. I just want you to think : are you really going to beat markets with sufficient margin in long term as you have opted trading for wealth creation not for thrill. I have no grudge with either zerodha/streak they are doing fine job, I appreciate them.

No that not the correct way to look at it ( after 20% fall considering bear market). This way of analysis is just seeing and reporting.
By understanding the market, what i mean was classifying market in following sets, sideways(low volatility), trending(bullish/bearish for intraday based on 1 week), oscillating (high volatility but net change in one week is nearly few %), and few more like momentum driven direction less trends etc, just based on couple of days of data.
Once this classification is done, you can build and deploy appropriate strategy, I keep atleast 1 strategy of all types always in paper trading on niftyindex to make sure I am on top of things, and if i see consistent behavior of one type, then i backtest on past time range(where similar market type was seen) to optimize my strategy for my specific scrip and then deploy,
Now if it looks like some effort, and yes it is, if you want to consistently beat markets( I do) it is absolutely needed, there is no free/easy money.
The point is to be vigilant if you ever want to be able to beat markets regularly(this fall recently has created crazy returns for many who were aware of what they are doing).
If you are okay with the mutual funds returns with high(heart pumping) huge draw-downs cycles and are okay to look at your portfolio only once a year or after you retire, then that’s well and good. Mutual funds and other similar products are meant for people who are not actively engaged with markets or cannot spend the required time to understand and mange trades, with obvious upsides of not requiring manual/active management.

Thanks for the reply…I think it requires lots of effort with no guarantee of success as I had spent lots of time learning many indicators and back testing but could not find success. I think its best to invest in mutual fund as working professional can’t invest so much time and energy in finding patterns in large number of stocks, also I was killing my quality family time due to this. It was good to know that people are actually consistently beating the market with intraday trading in long term. May be its not suitable for me. I landed this thread as I was exploring some trade setup which once deployed requires minimum effort and consistent success. But as per you it requires consistent effort so you can not automate and leave. So I will make peace with mutual funds, yes they have large drawdown during crash, but in long term they do offer 15-18% return when redeemed in right cycle. Wishing all successful traders good luck in long term success.

I am not in search of any holy grail in trading. What I do know and partly agree with you is that no single strategy works all the time. We probably will not be able to pull through a single strategy for a smooth equity curve.

So, It probably makes sense to have a multiple strategies (breakouts, mean reversions, options, currency) deployed with risk capital round the year instead of just one great/secret strategy. Again, we may not make money everyday. Returns will vary. There are people who have been doing this “boring routing” repeatedly without breaking their rules. So, it is not that wealth creation through trading is not possible.

Ofcourse, we all have different comfort zones with respect to trading and investment. There probably is no single right way to build wealth that works for all.


can we do it on mobile phone chrome browser

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I am trying but have not found any solutions directly yet for mobile.
But I came across this video on youtube video
Where this person has taken the plugin usage to next level(hats of to human ingenuity).
So currently I am trying to see if I can control this from my mobile device.

I will post my finding soon. :slight_smile:


But, hai demo has an issue. He is using it for paper trading. Paper trading by default on streak is fully automated, right? :slight_smile:

It is only live trades where we need your plugin to place the trades automatically as sson as notification comes in.

I think, he didn’t want to record with his actual strategy or he didn’t have a good strategy so to be safe, he gave demo with paper trading.

Either ways, the key takeaway here was that now I can run chrome on a Free remote server where I can keep things running on auto, and then check the progress/status on my mobile anytime anywhere(via app, I can stop/deploy strategies and the chrome will keep taking my trades).

hello sir , i recently used ur app TradeRocket , and found it very useful !! i have some queries about it , can i contact you through Facebook or WhatsApp ?

You can drop me an email, my email address mentioned on the chrome plugin page, we can communicate there.

Very first thing is, I really appreciate your effort to developing such a plug-in. I have tested in recent days. It is working amazingly.

Do you have any thought of extending the plug-in to accept the notifications for BO orders. I am using the recent version 1.0.6.

Though BO orders are blocked now a days, but my orders did not get submitted automatically (meaning plugin did not accept the notifications)

Kindly let me know if I am missing anything here.

Thank you again for your help.


The plugin supports, BO order, you just have to deploy the strategy in BO deployment type. Once the notifications comes, the plugin will try to submit the order for it, and if Kite rejects the BO order(due to it being blocked), then nothing will happens, and it just stays there.

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Bracket Orders are blocked due to volatility.

@Streak can you.

I did the same thing as you mentioned. Receiving alerts in Streak but not getting executed in Kite. In live strategies.


It should work, can you tell me more about are your setup, are you using chrome browser, with keeping both Streak and Kite tabs open, and are you logging to Kite first ?

Yes sir i am doing the same as you mentioned. Just i don’t have streak purchased. I using demo where i can deploy 2 strategies live. Is it going to work with streak demo?

Yes, plan doesn’t matter, as long as the signal is received by the browser and plugin is active.


Thanks, plugin looks good. Buy it is not triggering stop loss orders itself. Can you please help?


Sir when SL alert comes it triggers the order, it just doesn’t place order for SL-M as later it might have to cancel it.
If your SL alert did not trigger make sure it has network connection and correct plugin from the right link here.
If you still are facing issue, probably drop me a msg, I will try to look into it.