Fully auto trading

When we will get regulatory approval?

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Meanwhile you can give this Free chrome plugin a try.
I created it and have been using for myself personally, thought of sharing it with other fellow traders, hope it helps :slight_smile:

  1. Install the plugin(keep updating to latest version frequently)
  2. Log into kite in chrome
  3. Open new tab in chrome and log into Streak
  4. Deploy your strategy and sit back and watch, make sure not to close the browser or close chrome.

Feel free to ask me any questions, I will be happy to help.
Cheers !


Hi Navin Joshi,

Thank you for creating this plugin. I saw it on the weekend and wanted to tried it today with just 1 stock as quantity on Streak. Works - but I wanted to know why it is not placing SL-M order that is followed by the buy or sell order ?


I did not add SL-M because, its complicated, to handle placing an SL-M and then cancelling it when Target or exit comes.
Also I have irrational fear that someone is watching my SL , and because I keep my system on during market hours and frequently keep monitor, I didn’t feel need for it.
Currently as soon as, exit/target/SL alert comes, the plugin places the order, so I my requirements is meet.

Ok, Thank you for the reply. My strategy on @Streak did not meet exit or target profit today. So will try tomorrow with tight SL and TP lets see.

Also can you elaborate what will happen in CNC, will orders get placed ?


I have been using streak for a couple of weeks now and I am using the 3 months ultimate plan.
I have back tested a few strategies. I have also created a basket of my favorite stocks. Before deploying I want to know, if I deploy the same strategy for my basket.

if, on a 15 min candle all the conditions are being met for 6 stocks out of my entire basket,
will the plug-in be able to take positions on all the 6 stocks simultaneously ?



You can deploy on multiple stocks, as and when the alerts come plugin acts, doesn’t matter how many notifications come a once, I have only experienced myself about 15 orders coming simultaneously, there was about 3-4sec time difference between first and last order placed time.

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Its same as MIS, just make sure to have logged into kite and streak before market open.

Thank you so much for the reply.

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I use mozilla firefox browser.
Do you have anything for the mozilla or is it just for chrome ?

Can this work for MCX futures and Currency options as well ?

Why to keep your system on permanently and install plugin when you can achieve with that.

only chrome currently

because its FREE.

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yes, segment should not matter, but you should try once before being sure.

Okay, thank you

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Wonderul plugin. kudos! Will test it out.

The plugin acts on all notifications Streak sends.

Will the plugin be able to exit the strategies (probably in future versions) at a specific time (say if we set a time like 3:15pm for square-off for all MIS orders) given by the user? Can this be implemented :slight_smile: ? curious.

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Great idea, let me try , I will share if it works :slight_smile:

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if it is implementable, then nothing like it!