Fully auto trading

So when telling the square-off time, is an option to specify the order type is required, or just square off all all MIS positions as Market order and cancel any open BO orders causing the positions to be closed.

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Square-off all open MIS positions and cancel any open BO orders. I see this is a fail-safe auto square-off mechanism in case i am unable to square it off manually. The actual auto square-off by Zerodha post 3:20pm will add call and trade charges.

Great let me try :slight_smile:

@TradeRocket Do i have to keep the browser open all the time for the trades to auto execute or can I open new tab / browsers

You can open Kite and Streak in same browsers and keep it open on different tabs and don’t close these them, rest you can do what ever you want, as long as you don’t remove internet or close these two tabs, it is should be.

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Works well. It seems to place trades within average 3 seconds after notification from streak. At times, the interval between placing trades and notification is just 1 second!

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Yes, the order gets sent in 1sec, but by the time it reaches, executes and confirmation comes it is 1 to 2 more seconds.
Please share with your friends too :slight_smile:

Can this Chrome Extension redeploy the strategy after every 5 trades?

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Good Idea, let me try.

Meanwhile for auto order sending you can give this Free chrome plugin a try.
I created it and have been using for myself personally, thought of sharing it with other fellow traders, hope it helps :slight_smile:

  1. Install the plugin(keep updating to latest version frequently)
  2. Log into kite in chrome
  3. Open new tab in chrome and log into Streak
  4. Deploy your strategy and sit back and watch, make sure not to close the browser or close chrome.

Feel free to ask me any questions, I will be happy to help.
Cheers !

if my system is locked and browser is open will it work?

Yes, I think so, but you should try for yourself.
If you system is locked, it should not go to sleep or get suspended.
As long as just screen is locked, and browser is open and internet is connected, in my testing it works, but you should try it for you own system.

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I have done as per instructions. But orders does not go into kite. What i may be doing wrong ? can you help?



Which version of chrome are you using?
Have you deployed any strategy in streak and did it send alert?
Are Deploying for MIS or BO orders?


Please can you let us know if it’s safe to use now… I mean with much sincerity. I wish to use it.

Hi @Joe_Chris,

To best of my knowledge, it works great on my system and few others I have personally tested on, provided internet is there and both tabs are open and computer is not in sleep/suspended(i.e if lock you system but can hear streak or kite notification sounds means, your system is awake and browsers are running fine). It works for MIS/REGULAR and BO orders, and I have not faced any issues yet.
However having said this, some people have mailed me that they faced some issue with its older versions, but they are happy with the latest 1.0.6 version.
You can try it with some very small qty for yourself, as I cannot give any guarantee, but its rely on a daily basis.
Let me know if your thoughts.

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Also note, sometimes it might trigger an order, but Kite might reject/cancel if for some reason like margin or BO blocked, so before raising any issues, please check these kind of scenarios :slight_smile:

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i have had most of my orders get executed successfully once streak sends an action notification.

Only once I found an entry order didn’t get execute and stayed as pending actions. That probably was due to some network issue. Also, I periodically keep monitoring the positions to see if all is going well. Even without this plugin modern day trading is subject to network risks and technology failure risks even while using just broker’s platform or streak platform. We have to periodically take a look at positions

I see this as a tool to speed up my entry and exit actions but not something that will replace me completely. The time-lag without this tool between streak signal generation and human action (my action) on average was about 10 to 20 seconds. With this plugin that is reduced to 1 to 3 seconds on average. That’s a significant improvement. I don’t have to rush to my desk when I hear a notification, I know that entry to the trade would have taken place 99 percent of the time.


Version 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I am deploying MIS orders

BO orders are not executed as these are stopped by Zerodha

Else seems to be working fine


Have you tried it yet, how has your experience been and did you face any issues?

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I have not renewed my streak subscription because I am somehow unable to find success using my strategy

I am tempted to renew it especially with so much volatility

I will surely reach out to you for a user feedback

Thank you for helping us traders