Fully Automate trading?

Is it possible for me to automate my trade? I give my strategy some rules and them sit back and relax and after few days i should see some profit or loss. Is this currently possible? If yes, what are the soft wares available which I can trust and login with my broker (Zerodha) ?

@ShubhS9 @siva

Full auto trading is not allowed for retailers, if allowed we could have provided on https://www.streak.tech/ long back. Before placing orders human intervention is required.

@siva Yeah, I am aware of that. I should get be a NSE vendor or I can go through broker to get automated trading access. But is their any software or a programme affliated or non affiliated with zerodha that provides me with fully automated algo trading. As per my research I need an API connection and brokers approval. Can you please tell me the process how to get an API and approval. And if you are aware of it please explain what to do next in the process (like linking Api to code and my zerodha account, etc,.)

We don’t offer any algo trading software nor affiliated with any third party.

Learnapp course 1
Learnapp course 2
I found these 2 Advanced courses in Learnapp.
What do you think is close to my requirements?
As I mentioned in my question my requirement is to give my strategy some rules by coding or whatever necessary and then sit back and let my computed do everything (trades). I should not even press a key during market hours. I run it and that’s it.
What course do you think is close to my requirements?
Actually I looked up for trailers for these courses but they are not available. So I am asking you for an opinion.

I don’t think it is not possible for you unless you are a coder or use some bridge is developed by some coder.

@siva I am a full stack software developer and a part time trader. Trading while working is good at start of my career and now its is a bit difficult. So I am looking towards algo and automated trading? So what course do you suggest me ?

I think it’s illegal to use fully automated trading algorithms without prior approval from the stock exchange.