Fundamental analysis ---- account puzzle

Frindzz full weekend i was wondering about this…plzzzzzzzzzzz help

my expenditure of 50 rupees as below -

I buy my girl friend ice cream for 20 ---- left with 30

I buy my girl friend ear ring for 15 ----left with 15

I buy myself 1 ciggi for 9 left ---- with 6

I buy myself 1 coffee for 6 left ---- with 0

Total of blow up 50, but total of balance 51???

How it is possible?

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Prabhu, this is not a valid market/trading question that contributes to the community’s knowledge. Thanks.

You should not add remainders to get the sum, You should only count the expenses.

where do u get ice cream worth treating ur girlfriend for 20 bucks? and earring for 15 lol

The question itself is flawed as its based on wrong accounting principals, you cant add up the balances. Going with your argument think about this…you have 1000, you send 300, balance 700. Then you spend 700, balance is 0. Do you see the point?