Fundamental analysis for short term

I have done trading with the help of technical analysis (Including basic fundamentals e.g news) and it was a good experience so far, but now I’m looking for fundamental analysis

  1. Which fundamentals gives the best reflection of the stock/company?
  2. Which fundamentals can give an idea of the short-term trading (Week/month)?
  3. How can we expect/calculate/guess the profit/loss of the company based on previous data before the official announcement?
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Don’t know about short-term but these are some of the key fundamentals people talk about on the internet:

Consistent EBITDA, good cash flow for liquidity, discounted cash flow valuation to ensure current market value < intrinsic value of company, low debt so debt to equity ratio < 1, increasing EPS and profit margins, consistent ROE and ROCE, low PE growth ratio to buy cheap.

People spend a lifetime learning how to invest.


Any method to calculate?

why u need to calculate, these are available on internet… use moneycontrol, screener for these reports.

wrong choice of words
You are right, I meant how and where to look for expected results of company
Thanks for correcting me :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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How do you find this…

in moneycontrol website… and screener and also in marketsmojo website… googled it

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Will give it a try for sure

Check the Piotroski score & Altman Z score in addition to above mentioned fundamental parameters
Altman Z score shows scale of Company going bankrupt or would stay solvent based on financial nos.
Piotroski score reflects how the company has performed in near term and is measured in scale of 0-9
any no. above 5 is fairly good enough.

Following links may help you further :slight_smile:


Hi @nithin, @karthik sir Is there any site where we can get free export feature of piotroski score. Sites like screener, trendylne do have them ,but export is possible in only paid version.

is there any knowledgably person who has used piotrosci score and exported them freely.can you please reply. i need pointers for free extract.most of the sites that i referred are paid version only.

You can visit
I found it quite comprehensive.