Fundamental analysis

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can anyone suggest what could be the assure informative source to analyse the full profile of any company?

I have gone through the stock reports of the company which zerodha uploaded a month ago but how could we get information about share holding, CAGR, PE, ROE, EBIDTA and rest of the quantitative fundamental parameters? because everything is different in different source for the same company.

Also I request to zerodha as they have preapared stock reports upload authenticate quantitative and qualitative parameter of at least 50 stocks of nifty so small value investor like me can get benefit of it if possible. I dont want to know which stock is fundamentally strong or which one is weak but we need authenticate fundamental parameters of at least nifty stock so we can judge which one grow in next 5 to 10 year horizone.


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Annual report of the company.

as @goldb mentioned, you can calculate everything by yourself in excel from company’s annual report


buy a subscription from a financial data vendor like Reuters Eikon/Ace Equity/Capital Market/Bloomberg Terminal which typically cost somewhere from 1 lakh to 15 lakhs per annum…

So make a trade-off… is time more important or money to you??

Fundamental analysis for stock market investment helps to find the reasons behind the movement of stocks using historical data. Fundamental research helps the retail investors to determine the health of the company. It helps to find future revenue, profit margins, earnings etc of a company.
The markets are very inconsistent in nature so it is always recommended to do fundamental analysis of the stock market before investing your hard earned money.
Following any kind of trading strategy can be risky, it is recommended to do fundamental analysis for stock market investment to achieve your long-term wealth creation goals.
So without any further ado let’s get started fundamental analysis helps retail investors for long-term? To visualize long-term goals.

#1 Finding The Competitor Of The Company- It is always recommended to know the peer of a company before head starting with your investments. Fundamental analysis of the peer company can help the retail investors to know the future prospects of the company, any upcoming projects etc.

#2 Fair Value- Fundamental analysis of stock market Investment help the retail investors to determine whether the shares are undervalued or overvalued. Fundamental analysis helps the investors in picking the right stocks.

#3 Future Prospects Of The Company- Fundamental analysis of stock market investment deliver highly detailed research reports with the in-depth study over the various business models, financial analysis and track of past record of management.

#4 Debt Score- The performance of the company is influenced if the company has a huge debt ratio. In such a condition, the company cannot reward its investors as well.

#5 Know About The Company- It is very important to understand the company in which you are trying to invest. Fundamental analysis of stock market investment helps the retail investor to know whether to hold or sell the stocks as well as the performance of the company.

Considering the current market situation I am sure you must be hesitant about investing in the stock market I am sure you know how overhyped the news are, these days. But if you want to become a successful investor, you can safely ignore the stock market news and stick to fundamental analysis-based investing. Currently I am reading lots of informative content on Research & Ranking blog page. You can click here to visit their knowledge corner.