Fundamental analysis


Dear team,

can anyone suggest what could be the assure informative source to analyse the full profile of any company?

I have gone through the stock reports of the company which zerodha uploaded a month ago but how could we get information about share holding, CAGR, PE, ROE, EBIDTA and rest of the quantitative fundamental parameters? because everything is different in different source for the same company.

Also I request to zerodha as they have preapared stock reports upload authenticate quantitative and qualitative parameter of at least 50 stocks of nifty so small value investor like me can get benefit of it if possible. I dont want to know which stock is fundamentally strong or which one is weak but we need authenticate fundamental parameters of at least nifty stock so we can judge which one grow in next 5 to 10 year horizone.


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Annual report of the company.


as @goldb mentioned, you can calculate everything by yourself in excel from company’s annual report


buy a subscription from a financial data vendor like Reuters Eikon/Ace Equity/Capital Market/Bloomberg Terminal which typically cost somewhere from 1 lakh to 15 lakhs per annum…

So make a trade-off… is time more important or money to you??