Funds will be blocked

@siva @nithin now what is this about? Fyers CEO tweeted…can you guys elaborate with example? ( Specially the FnO thing )

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@nithin and team please clarify ASAP

Yeah, it is always like that but few changes made it worse now,Nithin will put out the post in detail in sometime.

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How will this create permanent black economy. How will this push people in doing illegal things or take more risky bets?

Explained here You can't now use the proceeds from selling shares for 2 days

@nithin I have 10 lakh in an account. I took the Iron Condor trade using whole margin.
Now on a given day I wanted to square off one leg and shift it, thus adjusting the position.
Now that wont be possible.

I have 1 lakh in my account. I bought options worth 1 lakh. Now I wanted to sell the position intraday in profit, and buy the new strike. That won’t be possible either.

If you squared-off long Option position, proceeds from that can be used to buy another Option on that day itself. You just can’t use funds freed from squaring-off long Options position to Buy Equities or Short Options.

Nothing changes for Intraday.

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India is entering new era i see, First begun with Zerodha by increasing brokerage, next with new margin framework, and increasing stamp duty and then reducing leverage. I don’t see! at least one rule is favourable to retailers.

Sucking and pushing to pour more money into markets, by each and everyone who sticks to markets. That’s what i see. end of the day Brokers and SEBi & NSE will have round table dinner.

I don’t think Brokers are invited to party…:rofl:

Definitely they are invited. To pay the bill of that table. That’s how our country. Isn’td? @OWL

Nope, brokers will take a big hit if this comes into play.

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Can post all queries on this.