Future trading

  1. If i buy ONE lot of share today(for overnight) than it is possible to sell or square off the same position tomorrow in PRE OPEN SESSION.— future & eq. cash ? (i guess yes)
  2. In future trading if i put sell order and the same not executed today than order canceled or not ? (i guess yes- same as eq. cash !)
  3. Is there any process that i have to do on expiry jan.16 if i buy One lot of share on 2 jan.17 for expiry of feb.17or march 17 ? (i guess No)

Other matters that need to know before FUTURE TRADING <<

1. Futures and options can't be traded in pre-open. You will have to exit them once market opens. Equity, you can place orders in preopen.

2. Yes, all pending orders cancelled by end of day.

3. No

Suggest you to go through this module on futures trading on Varsity. 

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