Futures re buy and resell

Can I re buy a future which was sold on the same day, and resell it? If yes, how frequently can I do the buying and selling repeatedly?

You can take and exit your position multiple times same day, there’s no limit as such.

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Ok. Thx. So there will be no other charges except brokerage. This multiple buying and selling, has nothing to do with penalty. Right?

I could not convert above position and the getting msg. What is all about this?

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Escorts is under Ban. You can just close or hold your position.

Ohh… thx for reply.

If stock gets out of ban list, and I convert my NRML position to MIS. And after some time on the same day, stock goes into ban list again. Then can I change my MIS position to NRML?

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Ban symbol won’t change during market hours, only after the market closes BAN symbol will be changed from the exchange. Kindly go through Varsity for a better understanding of the stock market.

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Sir, I tried, but couldn’t find solution to my query, that’s why asked you. Sorry for bothering you.

You are probably asking about day trading. You can buy and sell securities as many times as you want.