Futures trading 9 am to 11.55 pm

This is gonna be very hectic for trading your views guys

Not Cool … I loved the 6 hour work schedule. Their last experiments with trading hours failed. Also, all my quants will break for a period of time. This is like you will be always on toes and you will never have a time to go to the drawing sheet and look back and amend your mistakes or find something new. Damn! Also liquidity will spread across in already distant bid ask prices in options. I never want this to pass …

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Hello Day Traders,

Anyone who is active on the Commodity exchange, based on your experience, - Is the commodity exchange active all though its trading hours from 9am to 11:55pm ? Is there activity for all of the 15 hours or does it diminish after the first 8 hours ?.

I am trying to gauge how active will the Futures market be when the trading hours get extended upto 11:55pm.


Some days it will active at 2pm somedays at 8 pm…overall is good at evening

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