Futures Vs Options - Which is more economical?


I'm planning on implementing one of my strategies for trading, this can be done either by using Nifty futures or Options.

I have made some analysis on this however i am still not able to decide on which route should i take? Futures or Options?

Attached is the image of the analysis i made.

Request the trading experts here to suggest which route i must take - Futures or Optioins?


According to me unless one is employing trading in huge quantities for smaller profits one should not take transaction charges in to account.

The choice can depend on the strategy itself like if its alpha seeking or delta neutral or arbitrage or pair trading or execution based etc.

Future has its own merits and demerits compared to options and vice versa. So the choice between futures or options differ from individual to individual, strategy to strategy, also based on individual risk taking capacity and one has to consider all the above factors and figure it out which suits them based on their own experience.