FY2014 Tax P&L and FORM 10DB

For answering a query with IT department, need of Tax P&L report and FORM 10DB for FY2014. Was told, this is available with broker. I could find Tax P&L for FY15/16 in backoffice, but not for 2014. Is there any other place where we can download previous year reports?

Appreciate any help!

Please write to [email protected] from your registered email ID, if you’re trading at Zerodha to get these reports.

Thanks for the response @VenuMadhav. Yes, I am trading with zerodha and support is the first one I contacted. The ticket has been open from 1st Aug, and no response until now. Hence wanted to check if there is any place where I could get it myself (like the old BO) as these must be auto-generated reports. I will call support again today and check with them if its not yet emailed to me.

Thanks again for confirming!