G Sec T Bill 91 Days

Dear Team,

I am planning to purchase T bills that will expire today in COIN. Please clarify the below points, if not, correct me:

The amount will be debited from my Zerodha cash balance

After 91 days, I will get the amount back into my bank account directly, not into the Zerodha cash

Indicative yield as mentioned in the image means, 3.97/3 month, approx 1.32% per month is the interest or is there a different calculation?

Can I exit before the 91 days, like is it tradable in secondary market and if yes, what about the liquidity?

Hy @Mahesh2020

Yes after maturity it shall be credited to your bank account within 5 days. This link might help you understand the process.

Indicative yield of 3.97% means its per annum. So it can be calculated around 0.97% for 90 days.

You can check in market watch for TB.

You cannot exit before the maturity. There is no much liquidity


ok 3.97% per annum , per month 0.34 approx so 90days it is calculated as 0.34*3 ={0.99} for 3 months interest

so Ex : 10,000 the interest amount credit is 0.99% it means 99 rupees

All yields are per annum.
Frankly investing in T-bill has no big advantage for retail investors. You are better off investing in liquid funds instead.

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Dear Akash, Yes, invested in liquid fund also and using it as a collatoral. But not sure how much that yields per annum. I have invested in LIQUIDBEES

Dear Tarun,

Thanks for the response, much appreciated. Can we also pledge? since i cant see in collatarol excel from Zerodha

Thanks Akash

Got it Karthick, thanks

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i think it is not possible to pledge tbills in zerodha … it is just 90 days only

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