Gail bonus 1:3 shares

I brought gail 10 shares but i didnot get the bonus stock. When the bonus share will add to my Zerodha account

Hi @rajasekar333,

Check out this article on their support portal.

It generally takes 15 working days from the record date, for the GAIL bonus issue it was the 29th of March.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Okay thank you, i hold the shares still today 6 April 18, now i can play with the share by seling or buying, before the bonus is credited to my account?

Yes, you can.

if you have bought max by 26 march you are eligible to get bonus.bonus is not yet listed.

Thank you so much. Am beginner in trading, can one help how many share ill get for gail 1:3 bonus. I had holded 10 share on record date

for your 10 shares you will get 3 bonus shares in next few days and cash credit of 0.33 fractional share after about 45 days.

@rajasekar333 Bonus shares are approved for trading from today 24 July of 2019 . stock exchanges have granted listing permission .