Gamify zerodha! Pros cons


I am a 33 year old ‘soon to be dad’ and an avid gamer, been one since I can remember. I’ve been gaming since gaming was a cheap affair!

What are you thoughts on
earning badges/achievements for buying/selling all of nifty50/100 shares etc…
Or for executing 5000 MIS/2000 CNC orders
Or for a trading streak of xx days… etc
Or for hitting 100 profitable trades
Or for hitting 100 stop losses
Or for purchasing you first IPO

Or whatever… a compilation of goals

And neat rewards like
Waiver of auto square off charges for next 2/3/5 MIS orders.
Or earning scratch cards like on Gpay for 1 year without AMC charges
Or redeem badge points to get xx number of backtests and deployments free for earning those sweet badges

or… a whole list of possible rewards… distributing rare rewards to the toughest achievements… you know just like on Xbox and psn…

Bhaiyya iske liye jo company reward degi, wo barbaad ho jaegi


bro… your ideas are nice but trading is not a game, it is serious business… while your thought might be to bring some fun to it but in lure of earning badges traders might actually lose their descipline which is already not very easy to attain.


Yeah i agree with the fact that It could lure some people away from their discipline, and cashing in on some people’s gaming addiction/disorder is unethical. But, is someone really gonna lose a trade so they can get a badge? Or is someone magically gonna make a successful trade in pursuit of a badge?

However brother, I can’t agree with the fact that trading isn’t a game because i kinda use every skill i learnt in gaming while trading.

Or that gaming isn’t serious business. Gaming is a serious business raking in billions of $$$ every year in competitive games, 9 digit figures go into making AAA games, streaming games has made millionaires on youtube and twitch.
And these guys at zerodha have broken every rule in the rule book anyway, to deliver us with a sweet ass product! What difference is another broken rule gonna make?

I think this might end up violating one of the compliance requirements under NSE’s Code of Advertisement -

  • The Stock Broker shall not involve/engage in games/leagues/schemes/competitions etc. which may involve distribution of prize monies/medals/gifts, etc.

There was an article about this topic on Z-connect a few months back -

I suppose one way to find out if something like this would likely be allowed or not, is by testing it in SEBI’s new regulatory sandbox.

That said, Zerodha does have a somewhat similar reward system in place for referring new clients as that is allowed by the exchanges. The rewards points gained by referring new clients can be spent on rewards like you suggested above (like for example - waiver of AMC charges, free monthly subscription to Streak/Sensibull, etc)


Got it :+1:

Just came across the zerodha 60 day challenge!!!
This will do!

I don’t think SEBI allows gamification, may give rise to dabba trading.

Just sharing this article, as I found it somewhat related to this thread -

A para that caught my attention -

It focuses on the tactics that Robinhood employs to keep consumers engaged, alleging that it encourages them to use the platform through what it calls “gamification.” One Robinhood customer with no investment experience made more than 12,700 trades in just over six months, according to the complaint.


this is why there should be no badges and all that stuff in trading app… this is business, not fun and we should not look to make it a game…

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You can check

All the idea that you are saying are in their roadmap.

Gosh my first message about gamifying trading aged really badly… was 33 when i wrote that, now almost 37… 3.5 years of trading has taugh me this:

NNNNOOOOOOOO!!! FAAK NNNNOOOOO!!! :dizzy_face: :woozy_face: :worried: :cold_sweat: :cry: :sweat:

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The idea seems good but exchanges and authority won’t allow this. Since this will act as users are being rewarded to trade and trading or investing should an individual’s free choice. No act or power should influence them to trade. This is the stance of the authorities. Well tried.

authority has no problem but we are closing it and pivoting to new idea due to worst startup ecosystem.

yes we are closing it don’t worry and we are pivoting but authority has no problem with this.