Gann Square of 9 for Intraday , Which input value is Preferred?

  • Based on Yesterday’s Close.
  • Based on Today’s Open.
  • Based on LTP at 10.15.
  • Based on Last Traded Price.

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Default gann square of 9 values.

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The user need to input one of the above data point to generate the values. Wanted to know what is the most commonly used data point for Intraday Traders.

for gunn Square of 9 I have used Ltp at 10 to 10.15 am
another gunn calculator which calculates angles such as 1x1 or 2x1 1x2 etc. I have used high, low, midpoint after 9.30 am.
but it was not suit me hence i dumped this technique 18 months ago. I have old papers where i used to store EOD result if you want i can send you pics

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Thanks for the input.

Most of the videos and articles I came across on this topic Suggested your method too, Calculating Output based on the price at 10.15am.

Even I found calculating Intraday Gann values based on LTP at 10.15am was not logical, Since a portion of the demand and supply was already discounted at around 10.15am.

The above poll suggests most traders are using Yesterday’s Close as the Input, need to observe it closely next week.

Co-incidence that Nifty reversed at Gann Resistance 2 on Friday, this was based on Thursday’s close.

The values based on Previous day’s close looks more promising, as majority of traders confluence are on these values.

there are more parameter to enter ex. yesterdays close, todays open, ltp after 10 Am, (high+low)/2 After 10 am,(O+H+L+C)/4 after 10 am or same for yesterday… eehhhh
hence i moved out
hope you find correct input !!

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