GapUp or GapDn Stop loss hits or not

Do Stop loss Hit if next day open crosses Stop loss trigger (Either way) on gap up or Down?

There are 2 things

  1. You can’t have stop loss for overnight positions. This instrument is just for intraday.
  2. If there is a gap up in intraday due to volatility then SL-limit won’t trigger but if you had SL-market then it would trigger.
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I understand that we can be positional in case of Futures & Options as well until expiry date.
correct me, if wrong.

If we have SL-M, it would be bigger loss. Can yu suggest way out to deal Gapup or Gap down scenario?

@Bishan For gap up and gap downs: only way is to hedge your positions. If sold option then buy another option a little far. If bought Future, then can buy put option for hedge and if sold future then buy call option.

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You can be positional. But orders can’t remain in the system overnight.
You have to put in new orders each day after 9:15AM.