Get Trading Units for all commodity contracts in MCX

I can get the the Trading Unit for MCX commodity contracts one by one for example at . Here it shows that Nickel December Contract has a Trading unit lot size of 1500 Kgs.

Is there any link where I can see the trading units for all commodity contracts on MCX at once?

@Gautam this link does not show Lot sizes for all the contracts. For example, Nickel December contract is 1500 Kgs and Nickel November contract is 250 Kgs. But on the link you mention, only the current month contract lot size of 250 Kgs is shown.

Sorry, I shared as much as I knew, never cared about MCX other than Crude. Ask the mods for more info. …

Hy @sagar.m

Just check on this link to know about the trading unit lot size. I hope this might help you.

To know more you can check on one of these support articles.