GIFT CITY - Options trading

Hi Guys,

does anyone know about how GIFT city (IFSC, INX, etc) is allowing NRIs to trade in USD denominated contracts? Is it provided by any brokers?

I understand the tussle between SGX/NSE is almost over and SGX will offer NIFTY options from next year. I am just curious how foreign players (incl NRIs) are trading options right now?

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It does allow, you can check this list. Can approach these members. Even Indian retail traders can invest via LRS (liberalized remittance scheme) if they start equities as leveraged product are not allowed under this scheme.

Similarly how one trade now, open an account with a broker who has membership at giftcity.

Are alternative investment funds set up in India allowed to trade leveraged products in gift city. Also what is timing of gift city in IST.

Thanks Siva.

If that is registered in gift city then it can, also it has to get foreign capital to manage as Indians are not allowed to trade in leverage products under LRS. Timing should be similar to our markets, not sure though.

In the gift city . Exchanges have hardly volume turnover liquidity!

Is it true ?

I think stock options are cash settled in gift city . Is it true

May be as equities is not yet started.

When Is there any plan of starting the equities in gift city in coming days ?