Give me name of one sector which has potential to grow in next 5 to 10 years

Give me name sector which has potential to grow in next 5 to 10 years.

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If our economy is to grow with GDP doubling.

Almost all the sectors are more or less gonna double. Where we have the most money is where the sectors are underowned and where growth consistently grows surprising the market.

Will share the tentative list of potential growth expected sector wise.



I assume you want more alpha than everyone around you (or at least beat the index). But you ask public opinion and just do what everyone else is doing?

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Banking. It has only one option - Grow. If the economy grows, the Bank will grow with it.

Disclaimer- Do your own research on which specific Bank to invest in. If you wish to be conservative go for Bank Nifty ETF.

Good for Naukri & Teamlease

What about IT sector. I mean the top three or max 4 in the industry and not all. I feel it is at the bottom and people in general cannot live without technology. Hence this sector in one way or the other will survive. Great cash generator as well. Also I feel they are very agile, their main cost center is man power. If their order book is not great they just fire people and when the order book is high they go after people.

One other thing which I notice, again I repeat, not an expert - Is this statement true. When IT sector falls, the Banking sector gain. (market price wise). This is something I noticed in my portfolio. When Banks were in doldrums during corona or prior to that IT was booming, Now IT is down and Banking is high. Not sure if this thought is correct or not.

Solar energy and ev

Anything related to AI technology

Besides these sunrise sectors like IT and financial services, one sector I think would do good in future is auto ancillary industry…
You know recently govt is moving fast in direction of road safety like 6 air bags…
If you can find an efficient company with good management which can grab it , it would be great in 5 to 7 years…
Also I feel that auto ancillary industry is an evergreen industry, cars or bikes sales can reduce but not their maintenance…



We have a lot of “non-wealthy” friends, for whom our defence systems are at the right price point, compared with other hugely overpriced systems from tier-1 players.

Plus, the world is becoming less peaceful and edging towards another world war. This last part is just my personal opinion, based on recent history.