Goddess Lakshmi and scrip movement

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Muhurat time. I wanted to share about Goddess Lakshmi and her emanations Mother guards her devotees scrip each scrip by her one emanation. If we pray sincerely the scrip will move in our direction. Just visualize the images here each emanation guarding each of ur scrip like TCS reliance.

Also this creation is a game for her. So this share game also she likes to take results sportively. When in need and despair just pray to Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh. When Mother plays the dice on your behalf who can win that trade no matter whoever HNI big guy your counter trader is

In deep despair she never deserts us but she sometimes show ups and downs


Our stock market operators are so dirty they have looted people and destroyed families by fooling them in name of God

I know two stocks, and am sure more such cases easily should be there

I have seen cases - Shri Krishna Prasadam (BSE stock) and Saibaba Invest (BSE stock)

Both stocks - SMS tips were sent to retailers, and ofcourse they are fake companies but see how cleverly their names selected

Just wanted to share this info here, humans can do bad things also in name of God just for money

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One has to home work and pray for help in trade.

These were operator driven scrips

Ok…I think i would like to add… if someone want to really please the goddess

Goddamn do the following
Just keep praying for profits with closed eyes and folded hands in front of laptop
Do pujas and Just keep hoping for profits
Never ever place a stop loss order. (r u gonna doubt goddess ability to roll the dice… no way…)

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Sarcastic at its best. We no need to study just pray ma Saraswati, you will get all the knowledge. Be religious but don’t attach with it so emotionally, emotion is one of the enemy of trading/investing. In Geeta Bhagwan says just do your karma (karma yog) and you no need to pray me.

That’s not how the market works. Someone is going to win and someone is going to lose. That’s a fact. If someone is short on a scrip while at the same time someone is long on it and if both of them pray to Lakshmi to move the scrip in their favor, then who’s prayer would be heard? And what does it mean if you pray and still the scrip doesn’t move in your favor? What do I conclude if God doesn’t listen to my prayers? Am I a bad person? That’s the reason? But then again that’s life. Our prayers get unanswered all the time. Now, I don’t mean to disrespect anyone’s religion but what I am saying is that life works practically. You can hope and pray but the situation may or may not favor you. And in the market at least, you are sure to lose if you pray that your rate will come. It will never come and you would lose all your money. That’s why you plan and prepare by using a stop loss and you do that not only in the market but in life as well. Market teaches us about life too in my opinion. Hopefully, my comment benfetis someone. Anyway, happy festivals I guess.


I’m guessing it will move in the direction favorable to the guy who spent more time praying. If both prayed for equal time, I guess the stock will close at no profit-no loss price for both of them. #sarcasm