Gold Bond Vs Gold ETF

Which is best way to invest.

and app makers are moving from standalone ios / android apps to web based applications.

Tablets, web applications and mobile devices are terrible interfaces for trading. They all add to eyecandy which unfortunately is what most traders in India want.

I think that tablets and mobile phone are great for trading as they allow you to be anywhere in the world and still be able to execute trades. However, for any sort of market analysis these gadgets are terrible, so take this into consideration when you decide to use them for trading

Ideally you shouldn’t enter trades like you are on a picnic. You should enter trades after a thorough analysis of the market situation which doesn’t involve listening to potato heads on the tv. Unfortunately, the lifestyle of traders has been eulogized by the media and hollywood in particular, which makes people think that traders lead a cushy life with lots of downtime. In reality however, stock market is no different than vegetable market, all the traders are present at the place of trading and they leave once the market closes.