Gold Mutual Fund vs Gold ETF vs SGB


What is the best option among the mentioned three to invest in gold. Basic queries are solved after little bit of googling. But the confusion is websites say that gold ETFs expense ratios are upto 1% whereas gold MFs are upto 2%. But in coin, it is showing as 0.05% in case of HDFC gold fund (direct)… confused

SGBs are obviously best considering their fixed return but the turn down is lockin period.

Experts please throw their opinion… Thanks

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Can anybody help in this regard…!

ETFs are better as you can add additional quantities when the gold price swings low where as SGBs are not available all the time especially when the prices are below the normal. Besides I do not trust any govt security when the country’s economy is tanking and the govt is scrambling for cash.

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Thanks @holybull

What about Gold MFs? Any comparison with ETFs?

I think ETFs are gold MFs but just confirm with others first. You can monitor ETFs as you would with any other stock but be sure to execute limit orders if you decide to buy them. And you would have to pay 1% exit load if you cash-out within a year.

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Quick q’s - how can we see the Interest given by previously issues SGBs in our bank statements? Is there a code that’s there?

Can’t find any old interest for something bought in 2017-18