Gold Price Falling in Bearish market

Why Gold price is falling ?
Normally Investor will think that Gold is safe investment in Bearish market situation. Is this end of the Market Crash?

Lol nope, there is much more big fall waiting in stock market …so smart money pushing gold down to accumulate more.

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see GOLD is already rallied 30% , people want to book profit and hold cash for those two reason ,

HIDDEN NEWS* ( may be some country found medicine or already have medicine for corno virus this all thing are hiden from other traders) so they know if will release a good news market will shoot up , so before itself they can pull out the money from gold , and they invest in equity , who knows

1- equity valuation are cheap now
2- book profit in gold and keep as cash
they will book profit in gold and gradually big investor pump money into equity this is a reason gold was fallen , if one asset is falling there is another asset is ready to move upwards this is the market symptomens


in this market fall every body will think market will go here and there ,

this is not a financial crisis ( will stay for 1 or 2 years)
this is health crisis ( will stay couple of month)


I beg to differ , Its gonna result in complete Lockdown and reduce profits of many companies…Its gonna give unemployement due to shutdown , its gonna stop people from paying EMI … banking gonna get affected.


wait before entering into cash…let everything settles… enter market when u see the usually crowded place gets crowded again.Lets the theaters open.WAIT…


When mkt falls to such extent with such speed whether it is financial crisis or health crisis; the reason is immaterial.

With every rise ppl will sell their existing holdings. Even after discovery of Corona Virus treatment/medicines/vaccines the rallies will be short lived. World Growth has been re-set and downgraded. Mkt will take atleast 1&1/2 yrs or more to cross the all time high.

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Hi Riyas,

So do you mean gold going to fall more. I haven’t tracked this commodity and hence would like some insights onto where this commodity is headed towards.

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@Intraday_trader i am in the all kind of crisis in the market , i aggree , i will never tell market will recover in next one month , its will take years , but i told the health virus for couple of month in the wold its will reflect in stock market in high volatility for couple of month , recover will take more time , volatility will be settled in couple of month then market will not go anywhere for 3 to 4 months , recovering will be after 8 month only , all time high will cross in next 2 years i think


@jasonux gold is in high volatility now its already rallied 30+% , gold need some break now , sideways wll be continue for more time

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