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In Zerodha Website under products section i see GoldenPi for bonds and debentures… Can you please give some insights on this and is it safe to invest through GoldenPi.

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following this post…
I also need info for Goldenpi

You can check their website here. In their own terms “GoldenPi is India’s first online marketplace for investments in bonds and debentures. We have partnered with several bond trading institutions, banks and large financial entities across the country to make their portfolio of bonds and debentures accessible to individual investors like you.”
So, if you want to buy any bonds you can visit them. Investment through them is safe as they just act as middlemen in the process. But there can be risk(credit, market,liquidity) in buying bonds, that should be noted.


are these investments DIRECT or REGULAR ? I mean do the middlemen or the broker or the intermediary keep any margin for themselves ?

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What do you mean by direct? obviously they should make some right.

I have to login everytime on GoldenPi website. Why dont they make some changes so user can stay signed In.

@GoldenPi Can you check this.

I already sent an email about this but never heard back.