Good broker for high frequency trading

I want to trade in high frequency mode (100-200 trades a day) using DOM(Depth of Market) or Price Ladder. Each trade is going to be around 5-10 seconds long where I am looking to capture about 0.03-0.5% at max. I have paper traded and found this method of trading highly accurate and this is something that suits my personality as a trader as well.
However, even if I’m making a profit, the net result is still a loss after considering the taxes and brokerage being charged on each trade. Hence, I want a broker who satisfies the following conditions:

  1. The platform has the DOM or Price Ladder functionality.
  2. The broker provides Bracket Orders since I want to set a stop loss and target before entering the trade.
  3. I have to pay the brokerage and taxes monthly and not on each trade. If I am making a profit of ₹0.5 on one trade, there should be no charges on that individual trade, not even STT. I should be able to retain that profit as a whole. The taxes and brokerage should be charged monthly or annually.
  4. The platform should be free of technical glitches, orders are placed as soon as possible and the data is reliable. Basically, the platform should be suitable for scalping.
    Any professional scalper or trader knowing any broker which satisfies the above conditions, please help me out.
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This wont be possible.


When u get such broker, please let me know also :smiley:


bro you wont find any such trader ever. NO TAXEX— thats funny

Hi @nithin , you must arrange some plan for traders like us , take us to next level.

@Ronith_Sinha : I too follow same strategy like urs .

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You guys want plan for STT, GST and stamp duty? Funny :smiley:

smart huh ? we need just brokerage and many other provide free already for intraday like kotak , icici( 5 mins square off) , axis ( for options intraday)

You are talking without heads and tails.

STT is charged by state government and is uniform for everyone unless you became cheif minister and remove this bs by doing something.

If you’re serious. Be Alpha member or forget HFT trading. (If you are asking proper HFT).

NSE gives NOW platform for free. Automate your stuff using that.

Now the point is Alpha membership and maintenance is costly. So at maximum 50 members nowadays form a company and become a member. Hunt some group like that (common in Bangalore) and pay 2Lish and get it done.

Also check stamp duty of what you are doing. Choose the state accordingly.


Now if you can manage things with python and brokerage is the only issue. I talked and negotiated with a discount broker for 15kish for 10 years as a brokerage for my clients.

Let me know if you need that or there is sas online for 999 per month

Which broker? @unofficed


Professional HFT’s usually trade arbitrage oppurtunities where it is sure shot that it will make money so they have link directly with the exchange. Some also have an obligation to make the market even in low liquidity in exchange for lower costs when the liquidty is high.

No offense but for a retail trader like you its simply impossible to make 100-300 trades a day in the long run. let alone the risk of technical or human error.

And the backtests are always overfitted. Even if your hypothesis is a good one it will most probably stop working or have huge drawdowns which will wipe you out. My opinion.

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