Good brokers other than Zerodha?

Any Kotak users here? Please share your Experience of Kotak Neo particularly MTF and intraday FNO trading

@sandeep Kotak have lot of charges

Kotak is the worst among brokers… Giving free and looting customers in the market. Completely fake broker and shitty APis… Fyers platform wise is the best but is not as well known as Zerodha but very good broker. Can’t comment about SAS never heard of then much.

Did you use there trading terminal NEST? Its reliable compare to their web or app platform.

Huhhh! Welcome to tradingverse… Seems like you’re unfamiliar with STT, STAMP DUTY, TRANSACTION CHARGES, SEBI CHARGES, CTT, IPFT CHARGES, MTF CHARGES, and GST, these all are categorised as government charges. There isn’t any extra charge.

QUICK LOOK ON COMPARISON of charge(beta version):

[comparison in such a way that traded contract is only one with 1000 times order on nse
kotak take brokerage of 0.01 per contract or ticker]


While calculating same on Zerodha calculator make sure to subtract 47.2 and add 1.18*(20*1000)

Charges without brokerage


Is it true that Zerodha has plans to move away from the derivatives trading model of brokerage, generally, into cash swing and coin-based investment-related brokerage?

why would they shoot their own feet?

You could check out DHAN. They are pretty advanced and fluid.

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Hi Joe,

We have not made any such changes. Could you please point me to anything specific you came across that suggests this?

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They are decent these days. Have you used their Neo platform or used them Via Nest, which people say is stable? Their APIs are not very standardized (yet) but you can make them work if you code yourself - are you using 3rd party platforms to use their API ?


hai i am honestly i am telling , i am moving to 5 paisa - 50% i already moved to 5 paisa - in 5 paisa they have a plan also - 0 dp charges -10rs per order- trader smith and other investing platform are free - same like zerodha we can pledge mutual fund also

basically i am derivatives trader , i belive we can save 50% of brokergae in 5 paisa - because GST is upon brokergae - that is a big pain in zerodha 20 rs brokerage
even recently zerodha came some free features its not impressed me -

i need to save brokergae priority - in long term its will eat all our profit in zerodha

so i will move 100% to 5 paisa with in 6 month

even API is als free

Noe 5 paisa is joined trading view platform also 5 days before


HI on SAS online web site they have mentioned CNT Charges of Rs.20 , if you are already using SAS , can you tell about , what is CNT charges?

Call & Trade. It is 20 + GST

Bro pls stop promoting 5paisa… they use same back end for APIs like KOtak. It is worst experience with them. It is very amusing to see u are talking 10 rupees 20 rupees rather than telling about many hangups which can cause crores in losses…

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Thank You :+1:

Kitne paise milte hai promotion ke?

5paisa is an unethical brokerage with a pathetic tech stack. I currently find Dhan and Zerodha to be at the top of the food chain. Dhan is actually very good.


Agree. Dhan is very good, very feature-rich.

I have moved to Dhan for 90% of my trades but if Zerodha brings MTF I would have to reconsider.


Which trading platform for desktop does Dhan provides?

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None. Only a website.