Good News for Indian Cryptocurrency Traders/Investors

Supreme Court of India has struck off the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) banking ban against cryptocurrency trading. The court held that RBI circular dated 6th April 2018 is unconstitutional. Big win for Indian Crypto-Community.
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How to invest in crypto currency in India?

You must learn about the cryptocurrency before investing/trading.
First learn swimming, then jump for swimming in the deep water.

Some learning resources available below:

  2. How to Invest in Bitcoin?,
  3. How to Buy Cryptocurrency in India?
    Ref. 1, 2
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If you are based in Bangalore you may join some of the meetups that happen in city. Check out bitcoin groups in meetup app.

Platform for Cryptocurrency
Traders and investors
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Is this crypto currency legal now?

How is the volume liquidity turnover in?