Good news & twitter feeds to follow


Which are the good tools, Twitter feeds etc to follow to get the latest news quickly that may affect the market especially during market hours? This will be useful for both trading & investing.
For ex: Andhra Bank officer arrest, rumours of LTCG reconsideration etc.

In the end everything will be good. If it’s not good, it’s not the end.



No Indian Stock Market related NEWS reaches the vulnerable retail traders fast enough.

EVEN if they had access to realtime news, the retail traders do not have the ability to interpret such news.

Most NEWS/ANNOUNCEMENTS/EARNINGS REPORTS that looks prima-facie GOOD/BAD for a retail trader might have the opposite effect.

Better to wait for the Market Makers to create the trend and then follow it.


News trading is appreciated by many experienced traders as it has huge impact on the Forex market. You can get these news including employment rates, GDPs and, sales of any country from different sources. Twitter, Facebook, Forex related websites, and different forums are the best sources for getting important news.