Good till triggered orders (GTT) now available for Index F&O

By popular request, we have introduced our long-standing order type “GTT” for Index futures and options on Kite web. We will soon have it on the Kite mobile as well. So now for Index F&O

  • You can set a long-standing stop-loss and/or target while entering an index F&O trade or from the positions page if you already hold a position. This means you don’t have to keep track of positions all the time.
  • This will help you stay disciplined due to the ability to set long-standing stoploss.
  • Unlike normal orders where you need additional margins to place both stoploss and target, you wouldn’t need additional margins to place a GTT.

The important thing to remember though is that if you manually exit positions for which you have already set a GTT, you have to cancel the open GTT. If you don’t, they will get executed whenever triggered creating a new position you may not want. The nudge on Kite order window will show any pending GTT as a reminder.

For all those who don’t know how GTTs work (which were so far only for equity delivery trades) check this post:

This is a new feature, so let us know if you find any flaws in replies to this thread.



Hello @nithin,

Consider I sold a nifty option PE at 90 and set a stoploss at 180 using GTT.

On next day premium shoots up to 200 when market opens at 9.15am.

Will my buy order gets executed at 180?

Thank you.

If the market opens at 200 then the buy GTT order will be triggered and placed as a limit buy order at 180.

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Thank you

Can you please do a video on how to use GTT for Index F&O mainly option writing?

I have sold NIFTY 11000 CE @ 20 and now it is showing under my positions- Now how can I set Stoploss & Target?

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Can check this article

@siva Thanks but I’m still confused

-First I normally sell 11000 CE
-Then go to my positions and go to 11000 CE and click exit and then place OCO there?


-I place sell 11000ce with stop loss and target in one order?

Video explaining buy and sell side would be helpful showing how to use this feature correctly.

You can actually do it both ways. If you have already taken a trade, go to positions and set OCO GTT from there. Or else, while entering itself, you can set OCO. We will create a post explaining this clearly.

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When can we expect BOs to resume?

Not as of now considering the volatility, enabling may take some more time.

Presently, In GTT, SL and Targets can only be set in % values. Can option be given for absolute value selection also ?? That will be easy coz while trading options, % is difficult to set.

We place GTT based on traded price, absolute can’t be handled.

Didn’t get u actually.

It can be set in absolute value, you can actually mention the exact SL and Target. You can do this by clicking on create GTT on watchlist or from holdings/positions. On the buy/sell order form, we allow only % as the order form will become cluttered.

@nithin The method you suggested adds more to complexity to Fill trigger as well as price values four or six times including Order Qty in seperate boxes. I am talking about while placing orders. I think, the snapshot i attach is feasible without adding to more of complexity and even without hampering the order window size. I think it can be considered for implementation.

Let me figure this out.

CO is enabled and they are eating our money as we have to exit at market rate…If volatility was really an issue then CO would be disabled too…

All other brokers are working fine…i advise you close the zerodha account…no one makes money trading in zerodha.

What are the charges for GTT orders??

GTT is free, completed orders will have their normal brokerage.