Good training & mentoring in trading

Has anyone personally benefitted from a good training program in investing & trading in stock market?
It can be free or paid. Preferably online but classroom also is ok.
Also, any recommendations for a good mentorship program?
No affiliate links please. Also, please could you disclose if you are running the training program or getting any commission for this recommendation(this should be airways disclosed ).

Somehow I tried to participate in one of these programs, but it did not end well with anything … They took money from me, promised to scold me and guide me on the right path, but after a few weeks, my mentor just disappeared somewhere and stopped going to the liaison. (I will not say the name of this program, but to be honest I was a little disappointed with this kind of training.) I do not exclude the fact that I just was not lucky and I got on scammers, but the sediment remained unpleasant. , already many times met negative reviews among traders. So decided for myself that it is better to trade on my own and learn from my mistakes,i know it can be difficult and long journey, but eventually I will get invaluable experience.


Gaining experience first hand is the best way.

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Paper trading is the best way to learn and analyze our own strategy


Yes, it is the fact that Forex trading requires training as it is a technical business. You have to practice the gained knowledge on the demo account for making a good strategy for your live trades. You need to learn as much as you can along with strong practicing of that knowledge.

I take free Training sessions in new Delhi.
Yesterday also i spend 4 hrs for training of my 3 friends.

I train not to earn, but to make people earn with zero loss.


Zero loss!!! WOAH … … … WOW… :laughing:

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You are welcome dear. Free Training. No obligations.

As a rule studying at paid courses doesn’t lead to anything good. It’s not becouse the courses are bad, but becaouse they are hoped for too much. It’s better to learn from some of your friends or to read articles in forums.

I personally feel that it’s of no use to keep your free training strategy a super secret.
It is way helpful if you make it public.

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@maddy_Des And brother thanks for advice. Also people never trust what they get in free.

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@Hanker Thanks man. I also feel that sitting in a group and discussing strategies is always helpful and more productive.

I beg to differ.
Most of the famous strategies by legends on traderji were shared free only.

Because he is famous as of now. If I try to teach and tell, i will give zero loss strategy, people will mock and won’t believe.

I would like to say that you must have the connections with the experienced traders as you can learn a lot from them. You can ask questions about the market behaviors. You can also ask about their opinions about the future of the market. It will be helpful for you for sure.

Does Zero loss strategy exist if yes please share

bro stop seeking training n mentorship here all ll make fool n take money from u


time is money sir

I will suggest to stop looking for any mentor or advisory and START TRADING in market with small amount. As long as courses remain free, one can go for it. Participate in open discussion forums. Lot to learn from there. Use Google.

You might have heard about people gambling in stock market. but you won’t believe that there are people out there gambling for PERFECT mentor/adviser for 100% profits. ‘Yaar ek sahi insan mil jaye to jindagi badal jayegi’ kinda attitude! They have wasted lacs of rupees in searching nectar so far. But as you know it’s vicious cycle & one gets bogged down every time.

There is a guy called Van Tharp, he is charging $150000+ for 1 year supertrader program & people do get enrolled to it. Question is: How many of those students emerge as millionaires after finishing courses? What is ROI for such courses? Also if this guy assures you to make psychologically eligible trader, why can’t just anyone take treatment from psychiatrist for much lower cost?


Very well said :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
But last few lines are very funny :joy::joy::joy:

But Psychiatrists don’t know how to do Psycho-therapy to convert Novice Traders in to Professional Traders.