Got cheated by


SCAM,FRAUD,LIARS AND CHEATERS, finance experts, owned by manoj and angel broking franchise sub boker mahalakshmi ,are biggest cheaters and frauds in indian share market, they trade 10 accounts in a day, 9 accounts go into losses, they don’t upload it online, only 1 account which randomly gets profit, they will upload in their cheating website and lure people and washout their capital, if you see they don’t post 6 months or 1 year statement of single account, because, they don’t have any experience and track record,simply gambling with innocent people money.

vs manoj kumar of chennai is running this scam website


Just out of curiosity, are you one of their victim.


what you gave your money to other people to trade? Brilliant.

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First rule of trading, never believe tipsters. You did and paid the price for it.


Unfortunate to know your losses and mental trauma both. Welcome to world of deception and lies, thanks to easy access and rapid distribution the scale has become unprecedented. God knows how many more will fall into pit of emotional greed. One event ends with brou ha ha and begins another one.

Have you noticed a common pattern in last few years; 'it appears most of successful traders if not all

  • Do not have a background in finance or portfolio management or similar. They never worked for a financial services industry. Have you wondered the folks working in investment banks, idiots despite of working in back room of industry; don’t know how to trade! Not necessary to have finance degree or experience in financial services firm. Looks like 99.9% of industry guys from financial services are most unsuccessful traders and investor. Don’t blame, you will be informed about school drop outs like Bill Gates and likes of Zuckerberg! Our traders here get a eternal kick overnight, turned 360 degree from one passion to another, landed up as billionaire. Alas, Mr Bezos please note, you are going to have a tough time.:roll_eyes:
  • All of them wanting to be mentor, one or other means. Some open academy, some does 24 seminars, 120 webinars even. Interestingly everything comes at a cost. You shouldn’t be bugging about cost, why anyone will impart their billionaire screenshot ideas for free! Mr Jack Schwagger you need to re-write books again. You told us lies when you wrote great traders don’t train. You cheated us when you wrote one has to be mercilessly obsessed to become a successful trader. I can become a trader by spending 364 days in training and webinars!:sunglasses:
  • Compounding is eighth wonder of world, Albert Einstein was wrong. If I can double money everyday why the hell even you need to compound. Some makes 700% ROI in 90 seconds. Pity those employees who running around 365 days for a 4 lacs salary with 10% increment. Fools are like of Mr Nithin Kamath who gave away heart & soul, still struggling to create enterprise of repute over decades.

We may not like, but do a fact check-----it reveals otherwise:

  1. 55 out of 59 market wizards interviewed by Jack Schawager do not have a twitter account, blog or any other form of social networking. It’s not that they are not internet savvy but they restrict themselves to what they want not indulge in meaningless 2 way conversation.
  2. All these 59 traders do not have sell courses, academy or webinars! One or two does a yearly program for 3/4 days; that’s about it.
  3. Numbers and processes were audited by a reputable big 4 accounting firm before calling them as wizards. It’s not the wizards needed media but media needed wizards. They were too big to be overlooked.
  4. Most of the wizards didn’t like to talk about their processes or methods. Are they selfish. No. They know it very well, no method fits anyone as it is. It’s better always to find out a way for yourself.

Now here comes last shot, why these 59. There can be still many more. Of course there are, people trades in India, they make money and lose money. They mentor people but cost is not criteria. They enjoy their lives, they are not Jhunjhunwalas or Damanis even. Because an en devour is about finding a right tuning in life where you can immerse yourself for rest of your lives without regret. And that happiness and process is enduring not ephemeral.

I think it’s a time we must increase awareness across length and breadth of traders.


Are you talking about the one who won zerodha challenge and gave interview ?


high risk high return mutual funds way better than letting someone trade with your money, thats stupid.


report to sebi below are the details. Give them the details the phonecall records the transaction and if you have sub broker id. Mention all the possible the details from the date of the interaction to the recent. Don’t delay it.

Procedure to file a complaint on SEBI SCORES: Register on SCORES portal. Mandatory details for filing complaints on SCORES: Name, PAN, Address, Mobile Number, E-mail ID. Benefits: Effective Communication, Speedy redressal of the grievances

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This one is indeed food for thought. Great! Keep em coming as often.

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I checked their website what they mentioned seems to be bogus they themselves blowing thier own trumpets they claim that they are legends


It is true yiu should not belive in tipsters but i heard that there are some good tipsters but they dont go openly creating websites or adding subscriptions instead they do intheir own circle


That’s very good that you put them in shame here really, we need more people like that and more stories like that, very good that some section in our website actually present here anyway. I do not see it happening there totally and completely. I do support.


but he is a shameless brut, he is challenging me, that i cant do ,anything… already brokers have blacklisted him and they are also taking legal action against him, for misusing their brand name and contract notes in his cheating business


he trades 10 accounts and randomly only 1 account gets profit, that account statement he uploads. rest 9 accounts washed out in losses, if you see there is no contivinity of accounts, if he is making daily profit, he can show one account statement only continuously, but as you know ,he cant even post 1 month statement also of 1 single account.


no…no…this manoj kumar…dont know basics of trading also…he is not from zerodha challenge…if any cheating challenge is there means,he will definitely win it…


unfortunately yes…by seeing his paper ads and seeing his cheating website, vs manoj kumar of chennai is running fake website


One of my tamil friend called his number as he is from TN and he spoke he seems to be asking 1.5 lakhs for training lifetime or 40k for another training plan i didn’t speak as i didn’t know,chennai is also becoming like indore and delhi hub of atoxk trading calls


Vs manoj kumar and mahalakshmi sub broker are experts in cheating business, he doesn’t know abc of trading…he cannot show 1 single account of last 1 year… because… every week he wash out 1 account and then new paper ad and new accounts…I have a list of hundred accounts…he has made losses and washed off… daily he trades in 10 accounts…9 accounts washed out in losses… only 1 account profit… that account…he uploads in his fake website


Bro dont worry try to be calm at any point all traders should come through such situations even i lost money such fake persons we have to pass these situations.