Graded surveillance measure, gsm n asm stocks

Hi, cn someone pls clarify tht if a stock has been moved to gsm stage 0 or 1 thn it faces gsm surveillance action ie. Its moved to t2t categry n lower price band bt thr r so many stocks which are in Eq series on nse site n still in gsm stage 0 or 1 eg. Balkrishna n others too … n t2t stocks cnt be traded in mis

On nse site its mentioned tht evry 15days they review the stocks which have to be put into t2t categry n every 3mnths, stocks r being put in t2t

Cn someone tell tht suppose a stock like balkrishna is put under gsm 1 today (its thr in gsm list on nse) n will be put into t2t aftr 2 mnths, will mis trading be allowed fr next 2 mnths … dont want to get trapped in a stock which nse planning to put into gsm n have to take forced delivery cos nt allowed do intraday n square of EOD

@Kshiteesh_Saralaya @siva

Sorry, din’t get your query, what exactly you are asking?

Suppose today nse decides to put carerating in gsm category n updates in its ‘list of gsm stocks’ on (daily updated), and its mentioned on nse site tht stocks are moved to t2t segmnt on quaterly basis … n a mnth back, some stocks have been moved to t2t by nse, so abhi they will jst be shortlisting n waiting fr another 2 mnths fr carerating to be put in t2t (as t2t exercise happens 3 mnths) … in thse 2 mnths, cn i trade in mis, in carerating as its still in ‘eq’ serie n simultaneously it has come in ‘gsm stocks list’ on nse site ?

Same q fr asm stocks … cn i trade in mis, in a stock which has come in asm list on nse site n still in eq series ? If ys, do i need 100%margin ?

Waise literally thr r many stocks which are in eq series in the latest nse list of eq, be, bt stocks n at same time in gsm or asm list

Pls let me knw if m still nt able to make myself clear