Group of Traders

It’s a question for full time traders out there, do you like talking to other traders on a regular basis discussing markets or you prefer to have non trader friends, if the former how did you find the trading group?

Having profitable traders to talk with can help. Both in terms of bouncing broad ideas back and forth and also for support through ups and downs.
Just survive for a few years and people who have survived with you probably can be a good group of people who understanding trading enough. Most people will have to give up.

Having too many people continuously chatting without time to think and reflect probably wont be useful. Forums can be good too, but problem is that there is much more noise here. That’s what i saw in traderji atleast with lots of useless gyan being imparted by gurus. But it can work, with a good group of people. Another forum was much more useful for me ( its dead now).

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I wouldn’t call myself a full time trader, although I could become one.

From what I feel, it helps talking to people, for now it is non traders. It works as an outlet both in terms of talking to them in general, and more importantly talking about what I am doing. Not that even if they are non traders, they can help me, but if they listen, I can talk about my work in a coherent manner, so that it kind of tells me if I am going in a particular direction, if there is any improvement, how clear I am etc. Talking helps, in general too.

Typing also helps :grin:

It does, writing about something makes your own thought process clearer sometimes.

Yes i mean besides wanting tips and asking to manage their money, people don’t want to concern themselves regarding the turmoil traders go through on daily basis. So i was hoping for a small group of trader to talk and interact with.

I am more of a reader then writer😄. Maybe talking can help sometimes.


Because when we read what we wrote, we ourselves may get a different insight, one that is not found in our own thoughts, but is visible in the letters.

Speaking of which, which books/literature/articles have helped in creating a perspective that helped you as a trader? Better yet, if you can, can you say very briefly what you have got from a book or an article?

As for me, I wander in the financial world culling bits and pieces from everything and anything that pertain to financial markets. Haven’t read anything or anyone in particular in full.

Even not finished ‘One Up On Wall Street’ yet :man_facepalming:

Well, if you are a reader and don’t find any particular merit in writing because you are clear in your head, then I guess writing does not serve you any purpose.

Talking does though, because language is related to thoughts.

Frankly speaking no books or articles, lectures have helped me if i am being honest.

Three parts of trading are: strategy, psychology and risk management.

Strategy you can develop only by yourself looking at the charts day in and day out, historical charts if you are a technical analyst, i don’t know much about fundamental analysis.

Psyhology - There is a good book called ‘Trading in the Zone’ by mark doughlas and checkout youtube videos of Tom houggard, his channel name is Trader Tom.

For Risk management- some simple rules should be there like max risk on a position, max risk for day, and max drawdown you are willing to endure beyond which you should stop trading for a while and do paper trade for a while and simply analyse the markets.

Beyond this the market wizards books are good read but they won’t teach you much.
I hope it helps.

Learning can be done through many ways, this is psychology too.

Reading helps somebody immensely, for some may be it does not. I read, I have read more than I have watched, but I think kids of this generation watch more too, may be they are learning, although it has its own limitations and disadvantages.

As with financial decisions which are personal, learning in a particular way is also personal to some extent.

  1. The Art and Science of Technical Analysis - Adam Grimes
  2. his Blog
  3. need to work on your own and make and test and execute your own system(s) adapted to target market

For whatever reason, its very tough to copy someone as it is.


You cannot learn swimming by reading alone. You cannot learn to bicycle reading alone. Same with Trading. Dive in to market. Feel it, learn from it and profit from it.

Be willing to loose bit of money trying different things out as you figure your way out.

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Yes start small, allocating small capital initially and trading very small position size can help immensely rather than books and courses.

Surely this Adam Grimes has had an impact on you, it seems.

Watched a couple of videos a few months back, when you said about him. Will continue the remaining ones.


For you, this is for you. This is all personal.

If reading does not help, why would Zerodha have Varsity, they have because it helps some people.

Some can cook on their own, create dishes on their own, some need cookbooks :grin:

No you got it the wrong way i suppose, reading does help, you have to have a base that ia easily developed by reading, i had scoured every inch of varsity in the beginning, then beyond a point only experience and charts can help one. Sure develop your base by reading, but the tipping point will come sooner than you realise.

Of course.

What would one do just by reading, we got to get into the ocean and swim :swimming_man:

May be not to all. It might take time for some. Of course it is good if it happens soon.

How much time you generally devote to learning about trading in a normal day?

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A couple of hours to few hours, but not in any particular structure or about a particular topic everyday. Sometimes it could be about a particular aspect, most of the times it is not.

For me the accumulated knowledge does not grow in measurable terms everyday, it reflects over a period of time, while taking better decisions in present than the decisions taken in the past.

You may or may not know this, Warren Buffett reads for hours everyday, a super voracious reader from his childhood, and as you know he is not an ordinary investor, so reading helped him at his level, and is helping me at my level.

Also, it need not be reading alone, it could be watching a video too, as technical aspects can be easily explained through videos.