Growth or dividend Liquid fund

Suppose I invest in ICICI LIQUID FUND -Dividend (Half yearly) … Wanna know after six months the dividend get into mah bank account or dividend gets invested agian to liquid fund increaing the invested Value NAV)
I’m using coin for this investment ,wanna know where did I get dividend.

only to your savings or a current bank account.

Is there any liquid fund whose dividend gets added back to NAV ?
don’t want dividend in Bank account

That’s called Dividend Reinvest. That buys the units of the MF when dividend is given. But why would you want that? Dividend is given after paying DDT (Dividend Distribution Tax). Instead go for growth option.

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Currently invested in Direct plan, dividend reinvest is like recurring interest back in added to NAV.
Suggest if any dividend reinvest mf.

After deducting DDT (Dividend Distribution Tax) which yeilds less returns compared to growth option.

Thanks ,u save me from DDT , as in liquidbees etf ,returns are merely 5% coz of ddt ,same for mf dividend scheme .
Gonna continue with growth plan!