Groww Overtaking Zerodha

I get a little time to reconcile my SIPs etc on Coin in the weekend and then what I get is this! They need time till 24th January to fix this! (two full days!) :frowning:

In the meantime I have already received emails from CDSL about credit of units to my account - so “delay in credit of units” is a misleading message!

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CDSL and RTA have been delaying delivery of the units on major days where more transactions are pending to be delivered due to which we push the units delivered late at night or by morning. (We are in touch with BSE, RTA and CDSL together where we are having discussions to solve it permanently so that the units are delivered on time)

We generate the CDSL file to update the units by 10 PM every day, whatever units are delivered on time will start reflecting after the P&L process; whichever are not credited by that time and are delayed, only the units are pushed on the Coin, the buy average for such units gets updated after the P&L process.

Here the units were credited on the 19th, but the credit was delayed; we got the incremental file on the 20th morning. We push such files on coin to update the units, but the buy average won’t be updated. Now the buy average for these units can only be updated once the trade process happens and the backend calculates and considers the latest holding file again.

Our backend runs the P&L process for MF if there is an allotment or redemption file. Since Saturday to Monday were a non-business day, the trade process will next run on Tuesday night, and all such incremental holdings purchase prices will be fixed by Wednesday morning. That’s how the system works, and we can’t make arbitrary modifications to the process for such special cases as the units are in a demat mode, owing to these special holidays the price update was delayed but the holdings reflect correctly. Hence we sent out a sticky note and kept it live till Wednesday so that the users are aware of why the details are reflected without a buy average price. Don’t think so the message is misleading as it clearly says the buy average is affected and not the units.


This is almost the end of the day today and still the units information is outdated.

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This is almost the end of the day today and still the units information is outdated.

Zerodha always have glorious excuses! Keep it up, while your customers move away to others!

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now this!

Hey, please check your holdings, it should be reflecting correctly on both Coin & Console.

Got this message today. My wife has been investing through groww for more than a year now… not even once has this issue occurred on groww…I have seen this happen multiple times for zerodha users.

yes this is quite often nowadays, and very frustrating when trying to lump sum on market fall :confused:

Hey, your order wasn’t a lump sum order, it was a SIP. The SIP was mapped to the mandate, and, as required by the mandated procedure to execute, the sip was triggered on T-2 days (January 24, 2024). However, due to trading holidays on January 26, 27, and 28th, the SIP was processed on January 29, 2024. Your Demat account will receive a credit for the units today.

To get the same-day Net Asset Value (NAV), you need to place a lump sum order through Coin before the specified cut-off time using UPI or Net banking transactions. Please refer to this to learn more about NAV applicability.

These orders were placed on 31st and paid for 1st Feb. I have received emails from CDSL regarding credit of these units but Zerodha/Coin is as usual sleeping in deep slumber.

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Wow. Order placed 10 days ago is still shown as processing?

And you received CDSL debit/credit email for the same units?

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Yeah Dhan seems to be really tempting now. It has a lot of features, plus the UI is a lot slicker and user friendly. Am just waiting for some basic action on a few support tickets in zerodha before deciding.

There are not many differences between the two. Dhan seems to be cheaper, but that makes me think if they are operating on a loss. Not really interested in trading using a loss making company, since they will just keep encouraging us to trade more for brokerage.

  • Dhan doesn’t have AMC. Just 300 in Zerodha too, so not really that big a charge.

  • No smallcase charges in Dhan. 100 in Zerodha. Atrocious in my opinion. Amount is irrelevant, but they sneak in such BS “transaction charges” after stating free equity delivery on every marketing page. Smallcase is nothing about equity delivery through the API. Don’t see how charges are more. These charges are despite them being investors in smallcase. Would have expected a tighter and free integration when they are investors.

  • Dhan has a forum for traders too. madefortrade or something.

  • They have a dedicated app for options, like Zerodha’s Sensibull.

Any other pros/cons of Dhan?

The day I move will be really sad for me. I had convinced a lot of my friends to move to Zerodha, from the big bank apps, since I really liked how they operate and their philosophy on active disengagement.


Over 8 years, I had successfully referred 80-90 folks to zerodha. Was a big advocate… not doing it anymore… Don’t know when I will switch…

Every basic feature requests will have a long para of explanation stating why it can’t happen or why there is a delay. STP, instant withdrawal, consolidated holdings page on the app etc… Many alternatives are coming up with good implementation of new features periodically

I think I now know why Zerodha is not giving new features (or slow to react to user demands) - they have so many associate companies where they invest - e.g. Tijori TickerTape etc. which they want us (zerodha customers) to use (initially may be free but there are either hidden costs or they may charge in future).

So if they give all features we suggest here in Kite/Coin, those other services may suffer - hence better keep Kite/Coin at bare bones!

For example - Event calendar for your portfolio - this is now available in Console as a Tijori feature! This feature if available on Kite, it will be much more useful - but… :slight_smile:

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yes - here is another feature request that would be really easy to implement (fwiw I am a full stack developer)

In the transaction history popup in Coin Web - columns like “current value”, “loss/gain”, “%age loss/gain”, “xirr” can easily be added to show these data in a per transaction basis!

But as you say someone from Z will soon lecture me on why it can not be done or why it will take time etc. etc.

I really wish SEBI to bring demat account portability (allowing moving demat account to another broker, just like a phone number can be moved to another operator with or without paying a fee)… I would move away from here in no time!


but they sneak in such BS “transaction charges” after stating free equity delivery on every marketing page

One such example is the charge for buy-back / delisting - Vedanta delisting never happened but that sure made Zerodha a handsome amount of money - they charged 20/- (plus taxes) to everyone Vedanta shareholder placed an order for that delisting!

Aren’t delisting/buy-back etc similar (if not same) to a delivery trade? in fact all charges (STT, stamp duty, exchange fee, SEBI fee etc) are also charged for such orders!

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hey don’t wanna spoil your rant here…but transaction charges are mainly for exchanges not the brokers.

:Reg. charges and freebies:

Other than that, it’s a matter of preference whether someone offers freebies or not. I don’t prefer free service for everything. When the product is free, we become the product in 99% cases

Just because they have incentivized equity trades while many other brokers like Groww are charging for it doesn’t mean we get all their other services for free.

Sad to see the mentality of wanting to get everything for free. But it is individual choice i guess. to each their own, This is not just in this industry, it seems lot of things ppl want for free now and even politicians are offering them that, free electricity, travelling etc. nothing comes free in this world sadly


I’m with you bro, this “sab free mein chahiye” mentality is the reason for the failure of so many startups, you want economy to grow, but you don’t want people to pay. Grow up @curious .

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Hey, I’m not sure why you are so sceptical about us and assume we’re up to something, but we’re here to change your mind :slight_smile: Aslo, happy to get on a call as well but I’ll answer your questions for now:

We’ve always been transparent about whatever we do, if you feel otherwise, happy to address any concern you have.

Do you have any specific features, use cases that you are referring to?

At at high level, there’s always a tradeoff between adding everything on Kite and creating clutter. Having said that, we are working on bringing more insights from Console to Kite. You’ll see this over the next couple of months.

Hmm, at a transaction level, these data points are less useful. That’s because FIFO accounting applies for MFs also and users assume, they can exit a particular transaction after seeing a P&L. We’ve had this conversation with numerous users and it always leads to more confusion than ever. This is the same behavior across the industry btw. Most platforms don’t show this for the same reason. What matters to you at the end of the day is the XIRR/P&L at a scheme and a portfolio level.

On “the lack of features” on Coin.
Coin is probably the product that’s cursed the most. As you must be aware, the transition from pooling of funds to non-pooling was a massive transition for us. This setback the development of Coin by well over 2 years :frowning: I understand that as a user, when you see that nothing has changed on the frontend, it’s natural assume that we “don’t care” about Coin, but that isn’t the case. In this case, we were well aware of the regulatory overhang on how Coin worked and we had to pause the development of a lot of features that we had in the pipeline. What has happened behind the scenes on Coin over the last 2 years, is essentially a rewrite from scratch. I hope you see where we are coming from.


Hey Kartik, On the STP bit, I shared the background context here. We just introduced SWP, the next to-do for us it to work on STP.

Do you mean consolidated holdings across other platforms?

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