Gsec ruining my portfolio view


Not sure if this is a problem for everyone.

I have a certain investment in Gsec and have a certain portfolio holding of stocks. In my dashboard in Kite, the Gsec shows as -100% net change. This ruins the portfolio view of the rest of the holding. Is this a known bug? or Am I missing a setting?
Combining G-sec and rest of the stocks is an interesting choice. Lets say that’s fair(in my opinion it isnt), atleast the net change shouldn’t be -100%. Either it should track against a secondary market or show no-change.

Looking forward to hearing more on this.


This is because these bonds listed in the cash market segment on Dec 17.

It is showing -100% because these even though the bonds are listed there are no trades yet and Kite shows -100% by default. This will automatically be fixed once these bonds start trading. There should some trading activity once the inter-depository restriction is done away with.


Thanks for the response Bhuvanesh.

But surely, resorting to default of -100% makes no physical sense. It does not mean the value of the holding is -100%.
Perhaps there is a sensible default that can work for this behaviour of Gsecs which moves sparingly(which is not -100)?
This might be silly ask, but everytime, I need to do the math in my head on %change when i see this view. Which feels like not a thing to do in 2018/19 on such a sophisticated platform.


Will check on this, will take sometime though.


No problem. Thanks.


I see some fix has come through.

Gsecs have NA against P&L and the dashboard looks ok now. Thanks


Perhaps spoke too soon. Its back to the old -100% view again!


This is fixed, if you see the same tomorrow or monday, can let me know.