GST effect on Jobs

Companies are cutting down number of vendors due to GST. It means there will be less number of vendors and consolidation of supply chain.

It directly affects small vendors and they are vanished soon. This is actual ground report.

Due to labour problems more automation is going on.

Companies are relocating to retrench people and reduce cost. If they take new employees they will avoid paying Gratuity. So far companies do inventory turnover but now doing employees turnover. Attrition is being used as a tool to avoid paying gratuity.

Don’t surprised if you get pink slip in fourth year of service.

When efficiency increases you need less number of people. What happened in power sectors shows this. Earlier consumers were forced to power holidays now power plants are running at 60%.

Don’t put your money in Penny companies. What happened to Power and Steel sector is going to happen to Auto Sector in coming days.

Real Estate hit with three missiles - RERA, DEMO, GST. It is dead for ever. that is why we are seeing record inflows into MF. this will settle in next six months real music will start from FY19.

Then why the hell market is up relentlessly. Evry time i go short market punches me on my nose

See this

I too face thing like you. Now decided to keep two lots of Long Nifty Future in my positions always.

But i m thinkin abt potective put or call @HEdge ratio of 50%

Yes. Today’s position

Modify only hedging positions

So you long n short at same time. Why. The hedging cost will b high right? Thats what made me avoid taking hedges. Also u r hedging 100%

I am rolling my short calls to higher levels of market goes up. Exited Short Future and entered again at higher levels will exit at retrace level.

Ok. I m just starting with hedges. So whts ur experience with cost of hedges. Did u ever try HR @ 50%. To reduce cost

What is HR @ 50% ?

Hedge ratio . U r buying 2 options to have full hedge based on delta. Wht is impact from ur exp to hedge 1 lot forward with one lot option

One lot is not sufficient. Even if you short 2 ATM calls shorts it will be only about 90% of Future. You will get theta benefit of calls. I started only one week back.

Thanks man. I will try it out.
My plan is to use options to manage O/N Gap like it happened today. So basically it freezes EOD profit for next day even if there is a Gap. During day i will mamage it with stops

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