GST Passed : What are our(traders) benefits and what's the new stampduty across all states?

Finally Gst is passed, in few question in 2015;s Nithin has answered brokerages are pushing for uniform stampduty across states. Today its passed, whether brokers request accepted or agreed ?, 1) so what will be new stampduty across India ? 2) When it will come into effect , immediate (1 to 3 months) or very late ( 1 year or so) ? 3) GST will come into effect only if states agree and pass state legislation ? 4) States like TN has high stampduty, will that reduce immediately or will take time ? 5) Whats maximum cap for stamp duty across India ?

Thanks for your patience and answers too :slight_smile:

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1… GST rate is not decided by govt. yet…

  1. may be from aprill 2017

  2. yess…

4… i think it will reduce immediately

5… plzz check this link…,d.c2I