GTC(Good till cancelled) or GTD(Good till date) Orders

Hello ZTeam,

Currently Pending Delivery Orders in Kite are automatically cancelled at the End of Day.
Is there any plan to add GTC / GTD support in Kite ??

Because I am behind a couple of stocks to reach my intended fair level for the whole of last week which means I have to manually place AMO order everyday when the set limit price is not hit during the day.

Although I see in other topics that BSE/NSE do not support GTC/GTD orders, can Kite Support ‘Indirect’ GTC/GTC ?? Like the AMO order be repeated ‘Automatically’ for the next day with an extra option in order form ??

Pl. clarify.

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Best option is to buy PiBridge or Kite API and program GTC orders on your own. As of now I dont think you can do it in Zerodha.

I wish this gets added to kite in near future.

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