GTT buy and GTT sell oco query

Hello Friends,

Can I place GTT buy order and GTT sell OCO order at the same time without holding stock? so that once my GTT BUY order gets executed then my stop loss and target profit automatically applied on my GTT BUY order because of OCO sell order.

Note: I will hold stocks only after my buy order gets executed.

Please let me know how to do that.


You can do this while placing order from kite order window itself, but oco will come in effect only once main leg is executed.Order placed from kite is valid for that day only.

Thanks for the clarification.

It helped a lot.

One more question about GTT OCO sell order.

GTT Buy order took place at: 90 rs

Profit Sell Target:

Situation 1
Trigger Price = 104
Price= 102

Situation 2
Trigger Price = 102
Price= 102

What will happen in above both situations? What I want is to sell above 102.

Stop loss sell:

Situation 1
Tigger Price: 85
Price: 80

Situation 2
Trigger Price: 80
Price: 80

What will happen in above both stop loss situations? What I want is, to sell at market price ones it hit my target price. Basically make stoploss sell order to SL-M order.

If i set price far below trigger price in case of GTT stoploss then will it be consider as SL-M order.

Please let me know.

Hi @siva,
Can gtt feature upgraded to consider below use case
1.say i have 100 quantities of stock. I want to have target profit gtt triggered for 30 percent of quantity at price A, another 30 percent at price B. The number of bands user can choose should be left to uer.
2.similar option for target loss sell orders like mentioned above.

Let me know if its feasible

Use OCO for 30 quantities and place 3 different GTTs, it is straight forward.